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Assistant Buddy is one of the client tools provided by IntelliBuddies to execute your automation. Assistant Buddy acts as your assistant and can help you perform specific repeated tasks on your day-to-day activities.

Assistant Buddy is deployed on the user system. Assistant Buddy processes are triggered either by users or through user-specific events on their system.

Signing into Control Room#

Invoking Assistant Buddy will pop up a sign-in dialog requesting the Control Room connection details.

Control Room URLSpecify your Control Room URL
AuthenticationSelect the authentication type used by your Control Room
User NameSpecify the Control Room login user name
PasswordSpecify the password to login

Once Assistant Buddy successfully connects to Control Room, the license gets validated, ensuring that the logged-in user has a right to use Assistant Buddy.

Note: Assistant Buddy licenses are always node-locked and associated with a specific Control Room user. An Assistant Buddy deployed on a machine can be used by the associated user only from that machine.