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HTTP Request


Make a post call. Enables to perform HTTP requests to a specified web API



  • Attachments – Enable to add attachments of the request.

  • Body – Body of the request.

  • Body Format – It specifies the format of the body of the request. Following formats are supported.

    Body Format

  • Headers – Enables you to include custom headers in the HTTP request.

  • Host – Address for target point.

  • Method – The request method to be used when calling the API. Only POST method is supported.

  • Parameters – Parameters of the request.


  • DisplayName – Add a display name to your activity.
  • Private – By default, activity will log the values of your properties inside your workflow. If private is selected, then it stops logging.


  • Continue On Error – Specifies if the automation should continue even when the activity throws an error. This field only supports Boolean values (True, False). The default value is False.

    Note: If this activity is included in Try Catch and the value of this property is True, no error is caught when the project is executed.


  • Response Headers – Headers returned by HTTP call

  • Result – Response returned by Http Post call

  • Status Code – Status Code returned by HTTP call

    Note: If the returned HTTP status code (StatusCode) is 0, it means that the server did not return an actual response for some reason. This usually points to some connectivity or network issues.


Download Example