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Automating activities can ameliorate the achievement of your business process. Beyond reducing labour costs, automation can elevate and enhance throughput, escalate reliability, and enrich the quality, among other performance gains. Activities are the cinder blocks of process automation. Each activity fabricated that automatism and accumulated together with others to constitutes a workflow.

An activity explicit insignificant degree of amaze of robotization. You need multiple activities affiliated together to create the workflow.

Intellibuddies designed the activities with ease of intricacy by simply defining a variable to configure them using custom wizards.

All activities structures into specific categories based on their functionality. You can create your workflow by clicking the particular category to view the list of activities. For example, all the activities that provide the functionality to work on Excel files classify and stored under the Excel category.

Track down the list of activities category that IntelliBuddies supports to automates your workflow. You can click on these categories to know more about all the activities funded under this category.