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Sends a message to a service. Refer to Office Documentation



  • CorrelatesWith – It specifies the Correlation Handle used to manage the messaging activities.
  • CorrelationInitializers – It initializes various correlation handle objects that configure the receive activity. Refer to Microsoft Document

Correlation Initializers


  • EndpointAddress – Enter Uri. The address of the endpoint to send messages to.
  • EndpointConfigurationName – The name of the endpoint configuration.


  • Content – It specifies the message content that is to receive.


  • DisplayName – Add a display name to your activity.
  • OperationName – It Specifies the name of the Operation.
  • Private – If selected, the values of variables and arguments supplied will never be logged.
  • ServiceContactName – It specifies the name of the service contract Service contacts.

More Properties#

  • Action – Specify the value of the action header of the message. Refer Microsoft Receive.Action
  • CanCreateInstance – It specifies a value that decides to create a new workflow to process the message if it does not correlate with the existing one. If checked, it creates a new workflow instance for processing messages.
  • KnownTypes – It specifies the collection's known data types.

Known Types

  • ProtectionLevel – It specifies the authentication of the messages. Protection Level
  • SerializerOption – It specifies the value of the serializer used for the Receiver activity.

serializer option