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IntelliBuddies - Introduction


IntelliBuddies® is an RPA platform that comes bundled with all the essential tools and technologies for the automation of your front and back-office operations. IntelliBuddies® comes with a large set of handy activity libraries with a built-in intelligent automation framework along with AI and machine learning capabilities to achieve your intelligent automation goals. Overall, IntelliBuddies would help enterprises in automating both rule-based and knowledge-based tasks and thereby reducing cost, improving response time, facilitating business growth, and at the same time achieving compliance.

IntelliBuddies® can help organizations create, deploy, manage, and analyze business processes through intelligent robots called Buddies. IntelliBuddies®' flexible and scalable architecture allows you to work with your existing infrastructure and processes seamlessly. IntelliBuddies® will help you deliver faster automation goals with fewer errors and with minimal disruptions to your existing infrastructure. Our Buddies can be trained to operate on all your existing applications. They can read, write, see, extract and load data, receive and respond to events, learn, think, and provide data for your analytics.


IntelliBuddies® automation platform features following components:

Process Designer#

It all starts with our Process Designer. IntelliBuddies® Process Designer is a tool to digitize your existing processes. It is a visual development environment where you can create or define a task for our Buddies. It comes with a rich set of activity libraries to build your workflows. These activities enable you to interact with web browsers, desktop applications, PDFs, images, databases, spreadsheets, emails, web services, and many others. It provides an intuitive drag and drop interface to define the workflow so that anyone with minimal coding understanding can quickly start automating the processes by connecting individual activities to build a sequence.

Control Room#

IntelliBuddies® Control Room is a web application that enables you to deploy, schedule, manage and monitor Buddies and Processes. It is a central place where an organization can manage its automation. Processes designed through Process Designer can be published to the Control Room. Buddy, when deployed, will register itself with the Control Room. From here, you start executing either on-demand or based on a customized schedule.

IntelliBuddies® Control Room also has Job Queues to distribute and prioritize jobs to be picked by Buddies based on the schedule. You can also audit your Buddies in Control Room to check whether it was able to successfully complete a job or not. You can add users either by explicitly adding them into the Control Room or by importing them from your organization's active directory and manage their roles and licenses. Overall, Control Room is where you can control all your automation in one place.


IntelliBuddies® Buddy is the basic unit of automation. Buddy executes the processes that were built by our Process Designer like the way a human would do. There are two types of buddies:

Assistant Buddy#

Assistant Buddy executes a process triggered by humans. It is used for assisted automation. In general, we believe that in the future, every employee of your organization should be provided with one Assistant Buddy so that they could automate all the mundane, repetitive tasks and make their Assistant buddy perform them. This way, employees could focus more on business and customer-centric tasks. Assistant Buddy could be triggered to execute a process either through certain events such as the creation of a file/folder or could be triggered directly by humans from selecting the process from the list.

Smart Buddy#

Smart Buddy does not need any human assistance to execute a process. They pick up the process from the Queue and run them according to their schedule. Smart Buddy could be infused with artificial intelligence to perform complete end-to-end automation.

Trainer Buddy#

Trainer Buddy is one of the components of IntelliBuddies. You can use Trainer Buddy to create document processing models from document templates. The trained document processing models can then be used as part of our process automation so that our Buddies can recognize and extract data from the documents automatically.