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IntelliBuddies - Architecture


IntelliBuddies® is an RPA platform that comes bundled with all the essential tools and technologies to automate your front and back-office operations. IntelliBuddies® comes with a large set of handy activity libraries with a built-in intelligent automation framework along with AI and machine learning capabilities to achieve your intelligent automation goals. Overall, IntelliBuddies would help enterprises in automating both rule-based and knowledge-based tasks and thereby reducing cost, improving response time, facilitating business growth, and at the same time achieving compliance.

IntelliBuddies® can help organizations create, deploy, manage, and analyze business processes through intelligent robots called Buddies. IntelliBuddies®' flexible and scalable architecture allows you to work with your existing infrastructure and processes seamlessly. IntelliBuddies® will help you deliver faster automation goals with fewer errors and minimal disruptions to your existing infrastructure. Our Buddies can be trained to operate on all your existing applications. They can read, write, see, extract and load data, receive and respond to events, learn, think, and provide data for your analytics.

To accomodate the requirements of different types of Organizations, IntelliBuddies has come up with following editions:

  1. Enterprise Edition
  2. Professional Edition
  3. IntelliAppz Edition