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IntelliBuddies Control Room is a web application that enables you to manage, monitor, and control your automation processes and resources. It is a central place and acts as a connectivity junction to integrate your automation with humans and other third-party software.

Control Room provides the following functionality.

  • Administration
    • Administer your automation users
    • Manage your automation roles
    • Control your client tools licenses
    • Configure your automation settings
  • Manage Automation
    • Provision your automation processes
    • Register your Smart Stations
    • Create your Buddies
    • Feeds your automation to Buddies
    • Manage your integration tasks
  • Job Queue
    • Manage your jobs
    • Facilitate load sharing across buddies
  • Auditing
    • Administer your automation jobs
    • Audit your automation
  • Manage Assets
    • Create and Control your Automation resources

Overall, Control Room will provide you a complete picture of your organization's automation.