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You can view, add and append IntelliBuddies client tool licenses from this page. The client tools include Process Designer, Assistant Buddy, and Smart Buddy.

Note: Currently, the Trainer Buddy client component comes without any licensing requirements and free of cost.

The Licenses page displays the following information about the license usage per client tool.

AssignedLicense(s) in use
RemainingAvailable license(s)
ExpiredLicenses that have expired
TotalTotal count of licenses

Activating Licenses#

You can activate new client tool licenses inside Control Room after purchasing it from our Account Manager Portal by following the steps given below:

  • On Licenses page, click on Grid-Menu > Add button
  • There are two ways to activate your licenses
    • Activate online by directly connecting to IntelliBuddies Account Manager. You need to provide your account manager credentials to activate it this way
    • Activate by specifying the license file from your local file system. You should have downloaded the license file from your IntelliBuddies Account Manager before performing this step.
  • Click on the Assign button

The refreshed license page should provide you information about the new set of licenses available for activation.