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A Process represents your automation definition. It consists of either a single or a group of workflows and resources needed to execute your automation. It is packaged and bundled into a particular folder.

A Process can be either published directly to Control Room from Process Designer or imported into Control Room. A process package is version controlled. A new version of the process package will be created each time you publish the process to Control Room. The Process published will be available to all the users who have access to that process package.

The Processes page enables you to manage all your automation processes from Control Room. You can import new Processes, update and manage previously created processes, download process packages, access control processes, directly create or start a job for this process, and view all the jobs associated with the corresponding processes from here.

Publishing or importing a process needs the user to have View and Create permissions on Processes. Starting a job for this process requires the user to have View and Create permissions for Jobs. You can find more information about permissions here: Automation Roles

Process Package#

A process package (.nupkg) is a compressed package file containing the entire process folder contents. The process folder contains the following files. workflow files (.xaml) project file (project.json) imported files (.) assembly extensions (*.dll)

Uploading Process#

You can upload a new process into Control Room from the Processes page by following the steps provided below:

  • Click on Grid-Menu > Upload Process button
  • Select the process package(.nupkg) file to be uploaded
  • Click on Upload

You can view the uploaded process in the grid inside the Processes page.

Context Menu#

The Processes page supports the following functionality through context menu options.

Context Menu OptionDescription
ViewView your process metadata, configuration, and version information in read-only mode
EditEdit your process metadata and configuration
ShareManage your process permissions with other users
DeleteDelete this process. This functionality will be available only if you have Delete permission to process the entity.
DownloadDownloads this process as a package file into your file system
Submit JobCreates a job out of this process and submits into Job Queue
View LogView logs of this process. It will show all the job logs associated with this process
Shared WithShows all the users with whom this process is shared

Version Management#

A new version of a process will be created on publishing the process to Control Room. You can view the process's version history by clicking on the Context-Menu > View option.

By default, the current version of the process will be the Active version. You can change the Active version of the process by editing it from the Context-Menu > ** Edit option. Control Room feeds the Active version of the process to Buddies for execution.

Sharing Process#

The owner can share a Process published or uploaded to the Control Room with other users. You can share a Process with the following permission types.

Permission TypeDescription
ViewerUser with this permission type can view and execute the process
EditorUser with this permission type can view, re-publish, and run the process
OwnerUser with this permission type can view, re-publish, execute, delete, and share the process with other users. By default, the user who published the process for the first time into Control Room would be the Owner of the process

To share a process with other users, you need to be the owner of that process. You can share the process by performing the following actions:

  • Go to Processes page
  • Select the process to be shared inside the grid
  • Select Context-Menu > Share option
  • Select the user to whom you want to share this process
  • Change the permission type based on your needs. By default, a user gets Viewer permission.
  • Click on Share

You can view the sharing information by selecting the Context-Menu > Shared With option. It will display a list of users of the Process along with their Permissions.

Downloading Process#

You can download a process package(.nupkg) from Control Room to your local file system by selecting Context-Menu > Download option.