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IntelliAppz Designer is the core component of IntelliBuddies. You can digitize your Processes using IntelliAppz Designer. IntelliAppz Designer provides a development framework to build simple and complex automation solutions. You can automate your existing business processes, integrate with your existing third-party applications, and optimize your processes to take them to the next level of automation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

IntelliAppz Designer utilizes Activities to build extensive workflows. IntelliAppz Designer license is node-locked and restricts it to be used only on the deployed system. The digitized Process is then published as a standalone application.


You can deploy the IntelliAppz Designer using IntelliAppz Designer installer.

You can then activate the IntelliAppz Designer license by Activating License.

Getting Started with IntelliAppz Designer

You can quickly get acquainted with IntelliAppz Designer by designing your first app. Create a HelloWorld app