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License Activation

When you launch IntelliAppz Designer, it will check for the license. If you have not activated your license before or your license is expired then it will show the "License status" dialog. On clicking the "Activate License" link, the License activation dialog will be shown.

License activation

There are 2 modes for activating license, 1) Online mode and 2) Offline mode.

Online Activation

The Implementation Partner will have to just provide the Serial Key which he will get in Account Manager, and click Activate button.

Offline Activation

When IntelliAppz Designer is installed on a machine that is not connected to the internet or when your network security software/firewall prevents access to our license validation server, you can manually activate it by following the steps below:

Step 1: Export license activation file by click Export button.

Step 2: Open license activation page ( on a machine where you have internet access.

Step 3: Upload license activation file and click Activate button. It will activate the license and download the license file.

Step 4: Now go back to license activation dialog and click Browse button and select this downloaded license file.

Step 5: Click Activate button.