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Control Room - Upgrade Installation


This document describes IntelliBuddies®' Control Room upgrade installation steps.


Download Installer#

If you have not yet downloaded the Control Room Windows Installable, please download it from your IntelliBuddies® Account Manager portal.

Once login to IntelliBuddies® Account Manager portal with your login credentials, go to the Downloads section and download the installable onto the system where you need to upgrade the Control Room.

Installation Steps#

Step-1: Invoke Installer#

  • Run the Windows Installer (IntelliBuddies.Server.msi). The IntelliBuddies® Control Room Setup wizard will be displayed.
  • Click on Next

Step-2: Upgrade#

  • The setup wizard will bring the Ready to Upgrade Intellibuddies Control Room. Click on Upgrade. The upgrade installation process starts, and the IntelliBuddies Control Room will be upgraded in the same install location.