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Backstage View#

When you open Process Designer, you land into this Backstage view. You can always return to this view by clicking on the File tab from the menu. It provides the following functionalities.


You can quickly open, edit and publish your local and published processes from here.

Local Processes#

The My Computer tab under Processes lists all the local processes created or opened by the Process Designer. You can quickly access all the current processes you were working on locally and open those processes with just a click.

Published Processes#

The Control Room tab under Processes lists all the processes published to the connected Control Room, and the current user has at the least Editor access to those published processes.


You can manage all your process templates from here.

Opening a Process#

If you copied a process from some other system and want to open it for the first time in this instance of a Process Designer, you can do it from here by selecting the appropriate process folder.


You can manage your connectivity to Control Room from here.