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IntelliBuddies supports windows desktop top UI automation through the list of activities called Desktop Automation. Desktop Automation is the process of automating desktop applications and web browsers. The automation process imitates the actions of the particular UI element or the windows applications like Mouse clicks, Mouse moves, closing the applications, Resizing the window, typing into the interface elements such as buttons, checkboxes, or text boxes, or focusing the specified elements or window.

With Process Designer, any user can create automation with windows or UI elements.

When it's a windows automation like a closing window, moving or resizing windows, and set windows state, the user can get window using the option in "Find Window By dropdown."


Block InputThis is a container which blocks the user inputs from both keyboard and mouse while executing the activities inside it
Mouse ClickPerforms a mouse click on a specified UI element
Mouse MovePerforms mouse movement over a specified UI element
ScrollUse this activity to perform either vertical or horizontal Scroll on a specified UI element
Press or Release KeyPress or Release the selected keys
Send KeysSends the specified Text to the current cursor position on a specified UI element
Set Key StateTurns the specified lock key to on/off state
Get WindowGets the window instance by its Title or embedded UI element
Focus WindowSets the specified window as active window
Move WindowChanges the position of the specified window
Resize WindowChanges the dimensions of the specified window
Set Window StateSets the specified window to one of the indicated state: Maximize, Minimize, or Restore
Set Window VisibilityHides or Unhides the specified window
Close WindowThe user can close the specified window or element by selecting it
Focus ElementSets keyboard focus to the specified UI element
Select Radio ButtonChecks or unchecks the specified radio button state
Set Checkbox StateChecks or unchecks checkbox
Set Dropdown List ItemSelects an item from the specified dropdown or list box
Get Selected CheckboxesGets the state of checkboxes in the specified checkbox group
Get Selected Radio ButtonGets the state of radio buttons in the specified radio buttons group
Select TabSelects the specified tab