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Getting Started

In this quick 5 minute tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple HelloWorld process and execute it from Process Designer.

Create a new Process#

  • Launch Process Designer. It loads with the backstage view.

    Note: In the case of Enterprise edition, make sure to connect to Control Room by providing the Control Room URL along with user credentials.

  • Select Processes from side-panel and click on New Process. The new process dialog pops up.

  • Specify a Name to the Process
  • Specify a Location to store the Process.

    Note: How to change your default store for your processes?

  • Specify the Category of the Process
  • Provide a brief Description About the Process
  • Choose the Language you want to use as part of your expressions inside the Process.

    Note: For more information, refer: Expression Editor

  • You can check Supports Persistence if the Process requires waiting in between for human activity to complete. The Supports Persistence enables jobs to suspend while waiting and resume after human activity completion.
  • Select the Log Level

You can fill in the details as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Click on Create

The new Process gets opened in the Process Designer.

Building the Process#

  • In the Activities panel, search for Message Box, drag and drop it into Designer canvas. Notice that the activity is automatically wrapped inside a Sequence.
  • Type in "Hello! World" inside the Message Box input field.
  • Save the Process by using Ctrl + S or by clicking on the Save button on the ribbon.

Running the Process#

  • Run the Process by clicking on the Run button on the ribbon.
  • A Buddy Worker Process will appear on your Windows taskbar displaying the Message Box with the specified input text.

Try More...#

By now, you should have learnt how easy it is to build a Process using Process Designer. You can create other Processes to perform different automation using Process Designer.