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Intellibuddies Extension

IntelliBuddies web browser extensions help you expand your automation capabilities to web browsers. They provide automatic detection of UI elements in browser environments so that selectors can properly detect their XPath.


Currently, only the Chrome browser is supported by IntelliBuddies for web automation.

By default, the IntelliBuddies chrome extension is installed with Client tools installation. You can also install IntelliBuddies Chrome Extension by following the steps below.

Installing Intellibuddies Browser Extension from Chrome Web Store


  • Open the URL in Chrome browser.

  • Click on Add to Chrome button

    Add Chrome Extension


  • Click on Add extension in the dialog.

    Add Chrome Extension


  • Message appears as Intellibuddies Web Automation is added and how to use it.

    Add Chrome Extension

Note: Automation is not supported in the following conditions:

  1. If Multiple user profiles are added in a Chrome browser with the Show on startup option enabled. Add Chrome Extension
  • Disable the Show on startup option for Automation to work. Add Chrome Extension Or
  • Start the browser using a single user profile.
  1. Make sure the URL to be used is opened in Chrome before using the element selector at design time. Refer to How to use Element selector for selecting appropriate element and extracting the required data.