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IntelliBuddies enables you to automate Salesforce processes. You can now connect to your Salesforce using Salesforce Connected App API scope. You can then get access to all the entities and its corresponding records inside Salesforce. Here are the list of activities supported by IntelliBuddies to automate your Salesforce processes.

Salesforce ContextA container activity to bundle all Salesforce related operations to be performed as part of the process. It connects to the Salesforce using the specified Salesforce Connected App registration and user credentials.
Get <entity> By NameReturns back the record matching the specified Name criteria from the corresponding Salesforce Entity.
Create <entity>Creates a new record with all the details provided inside the corresponding Salesforce Entity
Update <entity>Updates the existing record(s), which matches the specified criteria under the corresponding Salesforce Entity
Delete <entity>Deletes the record(s), which matches the specified criteria, under the corresponding Salesforce Entity

Salesforce Entities#

IntelliBuddies allows you to work with different Salesforce Entities. Currently, IntelliBuddies supports following list of Salesforce entities:

Note: IntelliBuddies Salesforce activities is a work in progress. Support for more Salesforce entities will be incrementally extended.