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Ribbon Tabs

The Ribbon Tabs consists of the following three tabs.

File Tab#

This tab merely acts as a backstage view for Process Designer where you can create and open processes and templates.

File Tab

Recent Processes#

The file tab shows all the processes that were opened recently by the user for quick access to the processes. You can just click on the process to open the process for editing purposes.

Search for a process#

If you have already opened the process in this installation of Process Designer, you can search for the process with its name and open the process just by clicking.

Search for Process

Opening a process#

If you want to open the process from its location, click on the Open menu in the left panel of the File tab. This will bring up the folder selection dialog. Select your process folder and click on open to load the selected process in Process Designer.

User Settings#

You can view and modify user preferences from the File tab. Click on Settings to view the current settings and to modify them according to your preferences.

User Settings

LanguageYou can select the language of your preference. As of now, only the English language is supported.
ThemeYou can select the theme of Process Designer UI. As of now, there are two themes supported: Light and Dark
Default Project PathSelect your choice of the folder where you want Process Designer to save your processes by default.

Design Tab#

You can build, save, validate, and execute your automation from here.

Design Tab

Windows Tab#

You can hide or unhide Process Designer UI panels from here.

Windows Tab