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Signing into Control Room

Invoking Process Designer for the first time after installation will bring up a sign-in dialog requesting to provide the information about the Control Room and the credentials to access the Control Room.

The sign-in feature provides an option to connect Control Room, Process Designer, and Buddies using the user's account. This will help to simplify the process and offers better sync across the platform.

This will make the user's account the main link between IntelliBuddies components and there-by removing the dependency of using a machine key or license key during deployment of client tools on the system and connecting it to the Control Room. This also enables floating licenses of client tools and there-by providing more flexibility to the Organization in handling Process Designer and Buddy deployments.

Dialog

  • Control Room URL: The URL where your IntelliBuddies Control Room is hosted.
  • Authentication: The Authentication type used by Control Room. If your Control Room was configured during installation to utilize Windows Authentication, then select the type as Windows Authentication otherwise, select Basic Authentication.
  • username: Provide the username to be used to login into Control Room. This is needed only in the case of Basic Authentication
  • password: Provide the password for the above username to login into Control Room. This is needed only in the case of Basic Authentication

Once after filling in the details, click on the Sign-in button. On successful sign-in, Process Designer opens and shows you the File tab.

After you sign in, an icon with your initials is displayed on the upper-right side of the Process Designer. To sign-out and disconnect from Control Room from Process Designer, click the icon and select Sign-Out.