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Process Designer contains multiple panels for easier access to specific functionalities. These panels can be docked, act as floating windows, or auto-hide options can be enabled from the list of options.

Process Designer Panels

1Ribbon TabsThese tabs could be used to access the three functional areas of Process Designer.
  • File: Get access to Process Designer backstage view to open and create processes and templates.
  • Design: Build your processes by using activities and other UI panels.
  • Window: Hide or Unhide UI panels based on your choice.
2Ribbon MenuGet access to various functionalities provided based on the Ribbon tab selected
3Designer PanelBuild your processes by dragging and dropping activities into this panel to form a workflow
4Snippets PanelBuild your own workflow snippets to be reused and utilize the pre-built workflows from here
5Activities PanelView, Search, Drag and drop activities from this panel to build your automation
6Properties PanelView and configure properties of the selected activity
7Project Explorer PanelView the contents of your currently loaded project. Manage process files, enterprise variables, reference assembly extensions, and project settings
8Outline PanelView the hierarchy of the currently loaded process or workflow
9Variables PanelManage your process variables from here
10Arguments PanelManage your process input and output arguments from here
11Imports PanelManage your process imported namespaces from here
12ErrorList PanelView all errors thrown by the process when validating the workflow or process from Process Designer
13Output PanelView the output of the execution of the process from Process Designer from here. This will show all the log message along with messages displayed as part of WriteLog and WriteLine activities
14Quick Access ToolbarProvides quick access to perform following operations on the loaded process:
  • Save: Save the current process
  • Publish: Publish the current process to Control Room
  • Run: Execute the current process from Process Designer
15Title BarProvides following operations:
  • Signing into Control Room
  • Minimize, Maximize and Close Window