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Web Element Selectors

Most of the web automation activities need you to select the web UI element. These web UI elements could be textbox, table cell, buttons, drop-down lists, and many others. Any web UI element could be denoted through a specific XPath inside a web page.

IntelliBuddies provides you to select these web UI elements through a visual approach, and we call them Element Selectors. In order to select the web UI element for an activity, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the ellipsis[...] button available at the end of the Element Path property as part of the activity.
  • This will pop up Browser Selector dialog Web UI Element Selector
Select the browser instanceYou can either open an existing browser instance or launch a new browser instance
TypeSelect the browser type from the drop-down. Currently, only Chrome is supported
URLYou can specify the URL here to be used when launching a new browser instance.
In case you opted for an existing browser instance, this will be populated with all the URLs currently loaded by the existing browser instances. You can select a specific instance.

Web UI Element Selector

  • Click on the OK button
  • Based on your selection, it will either bring a new browser instance or enable the existing browser instance to allow you to select the web UI element
  • Hover your mouse over the element that you want to select in the Browser. The web UI elements will be highlighted as and when you hover over it.
  • Right-Click on the mouse and click on Send XPath to select the web UI element

The selected web UI element will be stored in the form of an XPath.