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Microsoft Word is one of the popular word processing software used among most enterprises. IntelliBuddies Word automation activity package contains multiple activities that enable you to manipulate word documents (.doc or .docx). You can use the activities under the Word category within Word Context. The Word Context specifies the word document template used to fill and create a document. The word activities inside the context work on the document in the background and hence doesn't require Microsoft Word Application inside the system.


Word ContextOpens the specified word document and creates context
Replace BookmarksReplaces the existing bookmark(s) inside the word document with the specified text values.
Add PictureInserts the specified picture inside the word document at the specified position.
Replace PictureReplaces an existing picture inside the word document with the specified new picture or image. The picture is located inside word document template using its Alt Text property.
Append TextAppends the specified text inside the word document
Replace TextFind and replace text inside the word document
Fill TableFills an existing table or inserts a new table at the specified position inside the word document
Save AsSaves the word document into specified location after converting it to selected format.
SaveSaves the word document