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Smart Buddy is one of the IntelliBuddies client components which can be used to execute your automation. Smart Buddy is a logical component and is represented as one of the entities inside the Control Room.

Note: Smart Buddy component is available only as part of IntelliBuddies Enterprise Edition

Smart Buddy executes end-to-end automation without human assistance. Hence, Smart Buddy requires to be attached to a Smart Station to execute automation. Once registered and attached to a specific Smart Station, Smart Buddy will automatically login into Smart Station, using the specified credentials, and executes the automation.

Unlike Assistant Buddy, Smart Buddy is not node-locked. Smart Buddy utilizes user locked floating license. Smart Buddy can execute automation on any system as long as the system is registered as Smart Station inside Control Room.


The components of Smart Buddy includes:

  • Smart Station Service
  • Smart Station Agent
  • Smart Station User

Smart Station Service#

Smart Station Service is a Windows Service deployed on Smart Station. The functionality of Smart Station Service are:

  • Managing Smart Buddies running on this Smart Station
  • Provides periodic status updates on Smart Buddies to Control Room

Smart Station Agent (Tray)#

Smart Station Agent is a Windows Tray application executed in the context of a logged-in user.

The Smart Station Agent is the actual user interface for the Smart Buddy. The Smart Station Agent acts as a client of the Smart Station Service.

The Smart Station Agent could be found as part of the System Tray, represented with the following icons:

Disconnected from Control Room
Connected. Ready to execute automation.
NoneSmart Station Agent is not running

Smart Station User#

Smart Buddy is a logical component and physically does not exist. Smart Buddy is an entity inside Control Room which binds the Control Room user, having a smart buddy license, with the corresponding Smart Station user. Smart Buddy will log in to Smart Station using the Smart Station User credentials to execute automation.

Enabling Smart Buddy#

  • Deploy Client Tools (Smart Station Agent) on the Smart Station. For more information on deploying client tools, please refer: Client Tools Deployment
  • Provision Smart Station inside Control Room. Please refer: Provisioning Smart Station
  • Save the Machine Key generated in the previous step
  • Register Smart Buddy inside Control Room. Please refer: Registering Smart Buddy
  • Login into Smart Station using Smart Station User account.
  • Start the Smart Station Agent application
  • Provide the Control Room URL along with the Machine Key saved and login into Control Room**

Once the above steps are performed successfully, your Smart Buddy is ready to execute automation.

Executing a Job#

You can submit an automation job to Smart Buddy in multiple ways. Please refer: Submitting Jobs

All the jobs get queued into Job Queue inside Control Room. Smart Buddy will pick up the jobs from the Job Queue and execute them.