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Trainer Buddy


NOTE: As of now, Trainer Buddy could be invoked only by going into IntelliBuddies installation folder and executing the application TrainerBuddy.exe. This is an alpha release of Trainer Buddy.

Trainer Buddy is one of the components of IntelliBuddies. You can use Trainer Buddy to create document processing models from document templates. The trained document processing models can then be used as part of our process automation so that our Buddies can recognize and extract data from the documents automatically.

Trainer Buddy uses OCR Engine to extract text from images while being trained to generate a document processing model. Currently, only Tesseract OCR Engine is supported, and it comes ready to use without the need to install it.

User Interface#

Trainer Buddy contains multiple panels for easier access to specific functionalities. These panels can be docked, act as floating windows, or auto-hide options can be enabled from the list of options.

1Ribbon TabsThese tabs could be used to access the three functional areas of Trainer Buddy.
  • File: Get an access to backstage view to open an existing or create a new document training model.
  • Project: Build your current document training model project.
  • Batch: Manage your current document training model from here.
2Ribbon MenuGet access to various functionalities provided based on the Ribbon tab selected
3Quick Access ToolbarProvides quick access to perform following operations:
  • Open: Open an existing document training model project
  • Save: Save the current document training model project
4Batch PanelThis panel lists all the document templates used as part of this document training model project. This panel lists the document training model project entities in a tree view. The root nodes represent different document templates used to train your current document training model project.
  • 4A: Expanding the root node of your project will list all the pages of the corresponding document template that has been used for training.
  • 4B: Expanding the page nodes will list all the regions of the current page that has been selected for training.
  • 4C: Expanding the regions will list all the fields that have been trained under this region to extract specific metadata from this document.
5Properties PanelView and configure properties of the entity selected inside Batch Panel
6Image PanelView the selected document page template from here. The selected region or the field will be highlighted in the image here.
7Output PanelView the output from here.
8Error PanelView all errors thrown by the Trainer Buddy when validating the project.